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Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson

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About Jason Johnson

Entrepreneur and technologist Jason Johnson has worked in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Jason is a strategic, deliberate thinker who has emerged as a pioneer in his industry. As such, August Home, the home automation company he co-founded with designer and entrepreneur Yves Behar in 2012, quickly became a leader in smart home technology. Currently, Jason serves as a Managing Partner of Founders Den and is working on new ventures in Napa California.


Jason Johnson has always been fascinated by how technology and design impact our everyday lives. Through August, Jason reinvents the way consumers experience technology at home by building beautiful, functional products that make life simpler. The company is most reputable for their August Smart Lock, which gives homeowners more control in safely managing their home access. Since their start, the San Francisco-based company raised over $70 million in venture funding. In 2017, August Home was acquired by $25 billion Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy to continue offering smart door products to consumers across the globe.

An internet of things luminary, Jason Johnson also founded the IoT Consortium, an association of founders, executives, and global companies that support the growth of the IoT ecosystem through the development of strategic partnerships. He serves as Honorary Chairman.

Jason’s dedication to cultivating progress and opportunities within his industry also extends into the broader startup world. Prior to co-founding August Home, Jason Johnson became Managing Director of Founders Den. Located in San Francisco, the shared workspace offers up a community for startups and investors. The space accommodates between 12 to 15 startups and has been the starting grounds for innovative startups like Docker and Revel Systems, both of which are now “unicorn companies”.

While at Founders Den, Jason Johnson also co-founded two other ventures. AirCover, a mobile security software company for iOS and Android (later acquired by M Dream), and BookShout!, an eBook software startup (acquired by private equity firm Admiralty). Previously, Jason served as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Dolby Laboratories and, two years earlier, was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Global IP Solutions (later acquired by Google). 

Jason Johnson attended Pepperdine University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business. It was during his college years when Jason landed his first position that propelled him into a lucrative career in technology: working part-time as a representative for Apple. To further his business development, Jason went on to graduate from the Executive Education program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2005.

Outside of Work

His passion for his work also carries into his personal life. Jason Johnson has been a proud member of the Founders Pledge community since 2018. These entrepreneurs and investors pledge to donate a significant portion of their proceeds to various charitable causes. Just as he is inspired to improve the lives and security of people across the globe, he has also made it his mission to continue bettering life in broader ways. Jason has been actively involved in the conservation movement, even supporting the governor of California in his efforts. He wants to model how any one person can be their own positive contributor to our world.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jason Johnson has always had an affinity to nature. Whether it’s cycling, backpacking, or hiking, Jason always makes sure  to spend time in the great outdoors. Today, he lives in Napa, California with his wife, son, and his giant English goldendoodle.